1. A.

    You can find milky spore at your garden center – just ask an associate about it. Follow the directions on the package. We used it in our midwestern yard to dramatically reduce grubs and Japanese beetles (and other bugs that emerge from time in the soil).

  2. About using cinnamon, they stopped selling the chemical damp off for seedlings so I have been using cinnamon to stop stem rot on my young seedlings , just sprinkle a little on the top of your seedling mix water from the bottom and works wonders.

  3. Cindy L Golden

    I’d like more info on the cayenne/soap. Shake a couple of drops of soap with cayenne and you have? Do you add water and how do you apply it? Thank you! I’d also like to know about the salt.

  4. Elizabeth Dwyer

    Great ideas, but PLEASE in photo #2 is a photo of a monarch catipillar which are trying to help not kill.

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